Basket Ball Rings

We deal in an amazing range of basketball and net ball equipment. All these accessories are designed with the same mankur quality standards. Given below are the detailed range of our basketball and netball equipment.


  • Solid Ring

    Solid Ring

    20mm solid steel competition ring.Powder coated finish.As per European standard.
  • Mini Ring

    Mini Ring

    Mini basketball ring.9 mm steel pipe.Ideal for kids.Power coated.Power coated finish.
  • Sale! Galvanize Ring

    Galvanize Ring

    Made of heavy duty steel strip.Anti vandalism ring.Long lasting galvanize finish.
  • Sale! Official Ring

    Official Ring

    20 mm steel pipe.Run through wire for holding nets.As per European standards.Well gridded.No sharp edges Power coated finish.
  • Hollow Pipe Ring

    Hollow Pipe Ring

    20 mm steel pipe.Run through steel strip for holding nets.As per European standards.Well gridded, No sharp edges.Powder coated finish.
  • Sale! BRC-0221


    20mm solid steel rod.With 3 springs.Powder coated.
  • Sale! Basket Ball Nets

    Basket Ball Nets

    Nets made of braided nylon filament in 21" length and 12 loops.
    BN-0213= White or Tri-coloured, 6 mm thick.
    BN-0212 = White or Tri-coloured, 4 mm thick.